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The advantages of a barred tee

A barred tee is a cage-like type of pipe fitting, that is predominatly used in large pipelines. The cage-like structure of the barred tee allows a maintenance pig to pass through a maintenace system safely. This is because of the tee’s bar plates. They prevent the maintenance pig from flowing into areas or branches, in which it is not supposed to go. Therefore, your company can arrange for safer maintenance operations without the risk of the pipeline or branches clogging up. The specialist where you can find these types of pipe fittings is PipingMarket.eu. They have a wide selection of many different types of pipe fittings available for your company.

Cunifer pipes for maritime projects

When you want to construct a pipeline that is in an off-shore or maritime project, then you want to make use of cunifer. This is an alloy that consists of copper, nickel and iron, which has a high anti-corrosion resistance. Therefore, cunifer is suited to be used in corrosive enviroments, such as seawater. However, there is more to the strength of cunifer than its resistance to corrosion. Cunifer has anti-fouling properties too. This prevents algae, barnacles and other micro-organisms to attach and grow onto its surface. Because of its anti-fouling properties and corrosion resistance, cunifer is a populair choice within the maritime industry. Are you unsure if your project requires cunifer pipes? PipingMarket.eu can offer you the type of insight that you would expect from an expert in the industry.

Consult the website of an expert

Do you want to make use of a barred tee or cunifer pipes, but are not sure where to find these products? PipingMarket.eu is the expert on many different piping products, which you can find within their webshop. They include extensive product data for each product as well. However, if you have any additional questions, their helpdesk is always more than happy to help you. They can advise you on which products are suitable for you project and which are not.