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Buy all of your audio and video cables in bulk

As a company that focuses both on B2B as on B2C services, LivePower provides a wide range of cables for every purpose. To make sure that you can buy enough audio cables, like SpeakON cables, for your next big concert or other project, these specialists offer their products in bulk. You will never have to worry about having enough cables thanks to them. If you did not find what you need, they will gladly make the right products on request. Before you know it, you have made the perfect audio setup.

The different brands of cables

Do you want to buy the SpeakON audio cables or is Keraf more your style? Everything is possible at LivePower, close to Brussels. They have an extensive range where you will always find the correct cable for your next project. Will you choose for Act, Belden or Canare? The choice is yours. Some other possibilities are:

  • Ceep
  • Cordial
  • Draka
  • Efb
  • Fischer
  • Gigatronix
  • Harting
  • Lindy
  • Neutrik
  • Pce
  • Purelink
  • Sommer Cable
  • Sonnet
  • Startech

Of course, you will also find a dozen cables made by LivePower themselves. They have many years’ worth of experience in the production of cables, which is also why they have a service to make custom-made cables. This is perfect when you need a very uncommon combination of ports or a special length.

Ask help from these experts

Go take a look at the different options and buy your audio cables today. If you can’t choose between the SpeakON cables or the many options that you can buy, it might be a good idea to contact these experts. They will gladly help you with choosing a cable that fits all of your needs. You can always reach them by sending an email. If you have more urgent matters that need to be discussed, they are also available on their telephone number. https://shop.livepower.be/livepower-shop/premade-cables/speaker-cables/speakon-cables/