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A company that sells safety hooks and cable guards for a safe working environment

If you are looking for extra safety products that can help you improve the safety on the work floor, ISP is happy to help. This company offers various safety products that can be used in several industries, such as refineries, chemical plants, automotive, paper mills, offshore and marine. All these industries require extra safety measures in order to lower certain risks. If you are working with loose cables and wires for instance, you can use the safety hooks and cable guards from ISP to create a safe working environment for your employees and yourself as well. These safety hooks can gather all the loose cables and wires to prevent tripping hazards and the damaging of important cables and wires.

The safety products are made with the best materials

Safety is of utmost importance on the work floor. That is why ISP produces safety products that are made from the best materials. This way, you can rely on these products for a long time and they hardly require any maintenance. The safety hooks for instance, are made from glass-fibre reinforced polyester. This means low maintenance costs and a high durability. Furthermore, the safety hooks are easy to use, are available in four different sizes and are bright yellow coloured for extra visibility. Safety is important, but can also be simple and cost-friendly. With the safety hooks and cable guards from this company, you can easily create a safe working environment.

Discover the various products that they offer

Do you want to buy safety hooks and cable guards to create a safe working environment for everyone? Or are you looking for other safety products, like self-closing safety gates? At ISP, you will find various safety products of the highest quality. Please have a look at the possibilities online or contact them for more information.