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Sundays with your friends

For most people, Sundays are just days to relax, chill and get rest to have motivation for the next week of work. Some people are fond of spending Sundays on their own, while others are looking for pleasure with their friends. If you are finding yourself in that last category, sometimes you experience a lack of inspiration to think of a nice (but relaxed) activity to do on such a Sunday with friends. Well, we might have some nice activities you could do which do not take a lot of energy, so that you can still be fully rested before Monday is heading again. Please read our inspiration through, and enjoy next Sunday!  


Sporting day

Did you know that Sundays are for sports? A lot of sports are broadcasted and you and your friends might like watching a football game, or maybe the formula one? You could make this a weekly thing; why don’t you watch the formula 1 race all together when Verstappen and Leclerc are again aiming to fight and win the battle? The relaxing thing about watching a sports game is that it just can be done from home; get yourself some delicious drinks and foods and spend the afternoon together with your friends! 

Walking with the dogs

Go get your friends together (especially those who have dogs) and spend the afternoon in the woods! Is there something more relaxed than having a great walk together with a good talk with your friends? Walking is the ultimate manner to improve your mental state; it gets you rested and will find yourself in a relaxed mood afterwards. Perfect for a Sunday, if you ask us! Going on a walk is accessible for probably all your friends; even for the friends who have a real hangover from the party on Saturday night, because it does not take a lot of energy! 


Cards games

If you are not really interested in sports, and walking does not sound that attractive for you, why do you not think about starting a game competition? Maybe there are several card games in which you are really interested; you could create the ultimate card game competition. On the other hand, if you are just attracted by one specific game, you could also make sure that you and your friends are getting better and better in that one specific game, such as poker. Another way to tackle the competition, is to practice on Sundays with all of your friends, and to throw an ultimate card game party on a Saturday evening, once in a while. During such an evening, you could have a really good party after all the games have been played! (For goods to throw such a good party; from A till Z, materials till psychedelic mushrooms, you should definitely check 24High.en!)