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Dutch health insurance for labour migrants

Anyone who lives in the Netherlands for a longer period of time needs health insurance. It is obligatory to have at least a basic insurance. A basic insurance provides a (partial) reimbursement of the most necessary medical care. Are you coming to the Netherlands temporarily to work and live? In that case, you should take out health insurance as soon as possible. HollandZorg has a Dutch health insurance policy especially for labour migrants. This insurance offers a number of important advantages. It is easy to take out and stop the insurance. You can also count on the customer service you need.

HollandZorg and employers

HollandZorg also wants to make things easier for employers of foreign employees. You have the possibility of taking out health insurance for your employees and you can also apply for care benefit if the employee is entitled to it. In addition, you have insight into the healthcare administration of your employees. Is your employee going back to his home country temporarily? Then the health insurance can be stopped during that period. When your employee returns, the insurance can easily be reactivated. This saves a lot of hassle.

EHIC card and care pass

If you take out health insurance with HollandZorg, you will now receive a digital EHIC card. This European Health Insurance Card entitles you to essential care if you temporarily reside in another European country. The healthcare providers to which the digital EHIC can be used differ per country. Do you prefer a physical card? If so, you can apply for one via My HollandZorg.

Apply for an S1 form

Do you work in the Netherlands and have health insurance here, but live abroad? In that case, you can apply for an S1 form. With this form, you can prove in your country of residence that you have Dutch health insurance. This entitles you to the medical care that is legally insured in your country of residence. If you are married and/or have children, the health insurer in your country of residence will decide which family members are co-insured.