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Sell your IPv4 addresses to get money

Sell your IPv4 addresses to get money

With all the online advertising, we could assume that businesses control the internet. On the contrary, these businesses are run by the internet, not the other way around. The media presence and business networks of numerous companies around the world are crucial to their success. This turns out to be a bit of a crutch because a lot of businesses must continue purchasing large quantities of IPv4 addresses to keep their networks operational.

Why would you want to sell your IPv4 address?

The RIPE NCC released a statement in 2019 to formally announce that all of their remaining IPv4 has been used up. Yet, that does not imply that the addresses have ceased to exist. Many still possess a sizable number of them despite not actually needing them, so they sell them. The price of a single IPv4 address has been increasing since since there are no more available. Hence, if you have any extra IPv4 addresses, consider selling them. Consider speaking with an IP broker if you intend to sell IPv4 addresses to make sure everything goes smoothly.

IP brokers

The first thing you should do if this is your first time thinking about participating in the IPv4 transfer market is to enlist the assistance of an IP broker. Contrary to popular belief, the sale and purchase of IP addresses is a very intricate process. Having an IP broker on your side might make the process much less stressful because there are many ways things can merely go wrong. IP brokers not only have a fantastic network to begin with, in addition they also have a lot of experience. They are fully knowledgeable about the market and will ensure that you don’t encounter any risky or illegal situations.

Does it seem too difficult to sell?

You’re in luck! If you don’t like all the laws and restrictions or the time and effort it will take to try to sell some IPv4 addresses, then there’s another option for you. They are also available for rental. The leasing process is more quicker and easier than the selling process, so most people opt to lease instead of purchase.