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Runescape OSRS prayer guide

Petition is respected to be the most troublesome expertise to prepare in allowed to-play because of the cost associated with buying extensive quantities of bones from the Grand Exchange, low experience rates and the high measure of clicking required to prepare the ability. You can also buy prayer items with OSRS gold at Aoeah! Check them out for Fallout 76 bottle caps  too.

Beginning off

The Restless Ghost gives you 1,125 experience which enables a player to raise Prayer from level 1 to 9 upon consummation. There are no prerequisites to start this mission (in spite of the fact that scuffle guarded defensive layer is helpful against the skeleton) and is unequivocally suggested for starting players as it gives a genuinely better than average measure of experience focuses for moderately little exertion.

Bone Yard 

The Bone Yard in the Wilderness (straightforwardly north of Varrock) has numerous bones produces with no slaughtering required. Huge bones additionally produce here. Not very many enormous bones generate here (in any case, you can lift those up and move them on the off chance that you’d wish). The fundamental fascination here is the wealth of customary bones. There are heaps of them lying on the ground with a moderately decent bring forth rate.


Sustenance (discretionary) – There are different dimension 20-25 skeletons around there. Make certain to convey enough nourishment to keep going for some time in the event that you don’t wish to battle them.

Reinforcement – Due to the way this is the Wilderness, and that there are skeletons here, it is prescribed that players wear protective layer they wouldn’t fret losing.

A weapon (discretionary) – If you battle skeletons, you can likewise pick up a good measure of experience just from that, they additionally drop bones.


There are different techniques you could use for this strategy. Any way works, regardless of whether one works superior to the next, that is up for you to choose. 

Technique one:

Keep running in and gather bones (without covering)

Run out and cover the bones in security


Technique two:

Battle skeletons to acquire their bones also (a higher battle level would make this simpler)

Cover all bones

You can generally discover what works for yourself too.

Low-level zones

Many low dimension zones comprise of individuals murdering beasts. Individuals frequently don’t get the bones which lie on the ground, along these lines there is regularly a perpetual supply of free bones.

Regions include:

  • Lumbridge Swamp
  • Chicken pens
  • Cow fields
  • Trolls (e.g. close to the entryway to Al Kharid)

There are in every case more spots, yet these are among the most well-known spots for individuals to leave plunder on the ground.

Abnormal state regions

Huge bones are dropped by the accompanying beasts in Free-to-play:

  • Slope monsters
  • Greenery monsters
  • Ice monsters
  • Ogresses
  • Territories include:
  • Edgeville Dungeon
  • Varrock Sewer
  • Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
  • Crandor
  • Corsair Cove Dungeon
  • Power-covering

The best petition encounter rates for supplication in allowed to-play are accomplished by covering vast quantities of bones purchased from the Grand Exchange. This is a to a great degree click serious and costly strategy for preparing the ability, and along these lines possibly prescribe when not anticipating getting to be part later. In the event that anticipating purchasing enrollment later, it is prescribed to move bones, or for iron men to set aside on bones before participation.